Manage your precious loot from this page or go visit the loot market to buy some gear

This area shows your consumables. They are either entrance requirements to dungeons or will help your Chibi in battles.

If you need consumables hop over to the consumables shop.

This is the old inventory system, click items to convert them. Warning, new items use inventory space, but are tradeable.

This is deprecated and will be removed in the future.



This is the new inventory system. While items are tokenized, you can still see them stacked in here.

This is what the game sees. If the item is in here, you can use it. If it is in the inventory above you need to convert it, just click it.


Unique loot you gathered in dungeons (/ max items)

Those items can be traded for Ether on our market or even fused into legendaries.

Infuse common items with legendary fragments to make them legendary.
You can remove fragments, but the item will be destroyed in the process.
Buying an infused item on the market will also give you the legendary fragment! Best way to obtain them since they are so rare


Total items